Sunday, December 4, 2011

Los Angeles Occupation Update, Hundreds Held For Days w/ High Bond

Offering an update from The Brad Blog:
By Ernest A. Canning on 12/2/2011 1:39pm
“According to new interviews with some of the arrestees following their release, men and women alike were held without charges for hours on end, forced to urinate in their seats on a holding bus while handcuffed, cut off from attorneys, medical supplies and drinking water, and locked away with punitively high bails while being deprived of both humane and Constitutional rights.
At this hour, almost three full days since their arrest at the OccupyLA encampment in front of Los Angeles City Hall, more than 200 of the peaceful demonstrators detained by LAPD in the evening on Tuesday and early morning hours on Wednesday — many of them who were not even participating in the Occupation — are still being held in jail pending $5,000 bail for their misdemeanor detentions, as detailed by radio station KPCC. Approximately fifty people have been released, some after posting bail, others for medical reasons.”
To read the entire post click here.
And a first person account from YouTube:
Uploaded by on Dec 3, 2011
While rallying outside LA City Hall, Omar Gonzalez shares his story of how he was put in jail on November 30 during the raid at Occupy LA.

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