Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Hide In The Shadows / A Poladoid SX-70 Transformation

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Another in our experiments done on digitized copies of old Polaroid SX-70 photos. I took hundreds over a twenty year period and have recently come across a group that were packed away and forgotten about.

Among other things I took a series of pictures off of the tv as the scenes were changing looking for some cool overlay effects. This animation started out life as a photo named Overlay1. We scanned it up and did a series of edits making adjustments to the contrast in graduated segments with Gimp. Then I impotred the pictures into Adobe Premiere Elements where the resulting animation was produced.

Following that we turned do our soundman Grand for the finishing touces. He went to FreeSoundProject

Where we found these gems:
Xythe / RTS Ghost I hide in the shadows.wav

ERH / Tension (less info)
For more Polaroid SX-70 pictures and animations visit our Photo Noir Gallery. 

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