Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dick Walks Into The Wrong Party ! A Blogger Exclusive

Don't you just love it and hate it at the same time. I mean here's Dick doing his daily (and now nightly) duty working late. Busting his bal butt and doing the OT. And then he hears some noise and Dick does his diligent duty he goes to check it out. An walks in on these lovely ladies getting a little lathered up and shall we say hot under the collar.

Background music ;
"Spirited Away" is by Head-Phaze from the FreeSoundProject

as is the "Moan" by Red Passions Club

Vintage 1980's outsider art thought to be long destroyed recently unearthed that we will be posting over the next few weeks. The art work will soon be for sale at the MindsiMedia store on Etsy. We also regularly post objects d'art on CraigsList an updated list is posted here. We offer an array of odd and unusual items and all the proceeds support independent media.

Part of the work of Mike B multi media artist from Chicago's western suburbs. Singer for punk bands Raw Noize and Capt Zero & the Radioactive Lovers and guitarist for garage rock band The Atomic Fireballs. Creator of the "Elvis Shrine" at the original Val's Halla in Oak Park Il. Now creating the occasional soundscape under the name online nameGrand.

We have been operating MindsiMedia since 2007 when we started as a web site and YouTube station collecting neon sign videos. Since then things have expanded we have uploaded hundreds of videos mostly on YouTube and have expanded to different areas of the web world. There is a nice, diverse group of music stations on Pandora. We can also be found on WordPress, Facebook etc. is our web portal and the best way to explore our world.

I don't know why but I keep thinking about Dr. John you know right place wrong time, right place right time something like that.

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