Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blue February w/ Poetry by David Carter Scott
Originaly known as “February In B&W and Color” which was more accurate but lacked the sound of “Blue February”. Which was the names of the two photos that were the source for the variations which became the video. Anyway you don't really care about the title and why should you? It looks and sounds pretty cool in the end.

Another in our series of slideshows from vintage Polaroid SX-70 photos. These two pictures were taken in Chicago on one of those foggy February days. The kind of day where it's about 40 (F) and a lot of snow is melting so it gets very foggy.

Then when Grand was preparing the soundscape he came across a reading of “Winter Tale” by David Carter Scott on FreeSoundProject and it fit perfectly in feel and length.

As part of a general house cleaning I have been scanning up my old pictures, archiving the images and kind of playing around with them. We have assembled some other slideshows that we've posted here on 1Grand21 and you can visit our newly remodeled Photo Noir gallery on our web portal.

David Carter Scott cutup poetry Polaroid SX-70 photography winter nature slideshow Grand

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