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Occupy The Planet, The People Fight Back Against Global Repression

This week from one corner of the globe to another the citizen uprising against the wealthy elite and the cabal of corrupt governments that give them cover goes on. And the increasingly isolated and out of touch leaders respond with the usual tools of repression; censorship, the courts, police and if all else fails the military. So today as we are in the midst of the holiday season we seem truly far away from “peace on earth and good will towards all”. Here is a roundup of this weeks news from some of the hotspots.
In the United States militarized police forces across the country continue the shut down the occupation of public spaces by protesters. Recent weeks have seen the aressts of hundreds of people. The scattered protesters have reverted to organizing and hit and run tactics. So this weeks major stories have takne place in the courts and Congress.
If one incident can be pointed to as a spark for this global revolt it is the Wikileaks release of secret documents exposing massive governmet corruption. One of the sources of these documents allegedly was US army soldier Bradley Manning. This week saw the beginings of his military trial and we present a story from

The Trial of Bradley Manning – Rule of Law or Rule of Intimidation, Retaliation and Retribution
Saturday 17 December 2011 by: Ann Wright, War Is A Crime | News Analysis
“Bradley Manning has been imprisoned for 19 months, since May, 2010, without a trial.  Yesterday, December 16, 2011, an Article 32 hearing began at Fort Meade, Maryland, in which an investigating officer will determine whether there is sufficient evidence of the crimes with which the military has charged him for the case to be referred to a General court-martial.
In July, 2010, Manning was charged with transferring classified information onto his personal computer and communicating national defense information to an unauthorized source.  22 more crimes were charged in March 2011, including “aiding the enemy,” a capital offense.  Defense Department prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty. In April, 2011, Manning was found fit to face a court martial.”
To read the entire story click here.

Meanwhile in the US Congress two parties that can’t seem to pass anything that helps the average American are working furiously to pass legislation to control the Internet. Which has been a valuable tool for helping to connect people in the worldwide struggle. From The Intel Hub written by Madison Ruppert

In Less than 24 Hours Congress Could Vote to Change the Internet Forever
“Tomorrow the House Judiciary Committee is going to vote on H.R.3261, the Stop Online Privacy Act, or SOPA for short. As I have previously outlined, this legislation would destroy the internet as we know it and severely impinge on free speech and the spread of information.
If this passes committee, which all indications say it likely will, it could be voted on by the whole of the House of Representatives at any time.
Individuals and corporations both large and small are stepping up to fight back against the draconian SOPA legislation and the Senate’s sister legislation, the PROTECT IP Act.”
To read the entire post click here.

And they continue their march towards implementing martial law without calling it that. No instead they hide these laws as provisions inside something called “National Defense Authorization Act “. It was passed this week in Congress and awaits President Obama’s signature. Who at one time said he would veto the law has as per usual folded. This report is from Consortium News written by Ray McGovern

Battlefield America: Is Gitmo in Your Future?
“Ambiguous but alarming new wording, which is tucked into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and was just passed by the Senate, is reminiscent of the “extraordinary measures” introduced by the Nazis after they took power in 1933.
And the relative lack of reaction so far calls to mind the oddly calm indifference with which most Germans watched the erosion of the rights that had been guaranteed by their own Constitution. As one German writer observed, “With sheepish submissiveness we watched it unfold, as if from a box at the theater.”
The writer was Sebastian Haffner (real name Raimond Pretzel), a young German lawyer worried at what he saw in 1933 in Berlin, but helpless to stop it since, as he put it, the German people “collectively and limply collapsed, yielded and capitulated.”
“The result of this millionfold nervous breakdown,” wrote Haffner at the time, “is the unified nation, ready for anything, that is today the nightmare of the rest of the world.” Not a happy analogy.”
To read the entire post click here.

Meanwhile in Egypt which was one of the early victories the people’s revolt we are seeing just how hard it can be to maintain freedoms won. Associated Press in Cairo, Sunday 18 December 2011 05.16 EST
Egypt clashes continue into third day as army cracks down
“Troops and protesters are clashing for the third straight day in Cairo, pelting each other with rocks in skirmishes near parliament in the heart of the Egyptian capital.
At least 10 protesters have been killed and 441 wounded in the three days of violence which began when one of several hundred peaceful protesters staging a sit-in outside the cabinet offices was detained and beaten by troops. The protesters are demanding that the nation’s ruling military immediately step down.
Sunday’s clashes are taking place as unofficial results from a second round of voting in parliamentary elections show the continued dominance of Islamist parties at the polls. The third and final round of voting is slated for next month.
On Saturday, troops pulled women across the pavement by their hair, knocking off their headscarves. Young activists were kicked in the head until they lay motionless in Tahrir Square, Cairo.
Unfazed by TV cameras catching every move, Egypt‘s military took a dramatically heavier hand to crush protests against its rule.”
To read the whole story click here.

And in Russia the ruling oligarcy has seen people rise up following the latest fixed elections. Mass protests have been broken up and the pro democracy leaders imprisoned. Here is a story about a hunger strike by one of those leaders now in jail. This story by Tom Parfitt also from, Saturday 17 December

Vladimir Putin’s persecution campaign targets protest couple
“It is 10am and the tatty apartment blocks of southern Moscow are still shrouded in winter darkness as a slender young woman hurries towards the metro.
Black-haired, in jeans and a thin leather jacket, this is Anastasiya Udaltsova, one of the leaders of the civil protests that have swept across Russia, bringing tens of thousands of demonstrators on to the streets to express their disgust at rigged elections earlier this month.
Udaltsova, 33, is rushing to meet friends to drum up support for a new rally that will take place in Moscow on Saturday. She and the other organisers – including the hugely popular anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny and the veteran oppositionist Boris Nemtsov – are now exposed to the full hostile glare of the state.
Her husband, also a protest leader, is in jail and has embarked on a hunger strike in protest at the allegedly trumped-up charges, while Udaltsova is left alone to care for their two children.
On 10 December an estimated 40,000 people gathered in the centre of Moscow in the largest demonstration against the rule of Vladimir Putin after videos of ballot-stuffing and other falsifications by the pro-Kremlin United Russia party spread across the internet.”
To read the entire post click here.

Even China has proven that it cannont forever hold it’s people down as that country has seen uprisings. This report is from Business Week posted by Dan Beucke .

China’s Wealth Disparity Erupts in Wukan Protests

   "The Occupy Wall Street protests in the U.S. are a delayed reaction to a bursting property bubble, which led to a jobs crisis and rising anger over financial influence and wealth disparity. What’s happening right now In China — angry protesters seizing a village and forcing Communist officials to retreat — is a dramatic example of what happens when a similar toxic mix plays out in a totalitarian society. “

To finish the story click here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Hide In The Shadows / A Poladoid SX-70 Transformation

From: 1Grand21  | Dec 17, 2011  | 1 views
Another in our experiments done on digitized copies of old Polaroid SX-70 photos. I took hundreds over a twenty year period and have recently come across a group that were packed away and forgotten about.

Among other things I took a series of pictures off of the tv as the scenes were changing looking for some cool overlay effects. This animation started out life as a photo named Overlay1. We scanned it up and did a series of edits making adjustments to the contrast in graduated segments with Gimp. Then I impotred the pictures into Adobe Premiere Elements where the resulting animation was produced.

Following that we turned do our soundman Grand for the finishing touces. He went to FreeSoundProject

Where we found these gems:
Xythe / RTS Ghost I hide in the shadows.wav

ERH / Tension (less info)
For more Polaroid SX-70 pictures and animations visit our Photo Noir Gallery. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Devouring Institutions

Another chapter from The Book of Insomnia which is an outstanding YouTube station hosted by sacrificialtotem.

“Sexuality” Art Collage Video Banned From YouTube & Metacafe

This is the second in a series of four late 80's photo collages recently unearthed after thirty years. Lovers of sleeze will be amused others will not. If you are offended by the sight of a womans breast don't watch. Of course you may be the only ones on the Internet that can see the full video. It was posted on MeatCafe since they have an 18+ catagory. It got 1,400 views in less than a day before being removed.

The soundscape is two clips from FreeSoundProject;

Soundbowl » Sound_bowl_drone.mp3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Attack on Democracy In America Continues, Three Stories From This Week

This fall we have seen the best and now the worst in American democracy. In the early part of the fall we saw thousands people all over the country peacefully gather to occupy public space and protest economic injustice and a government firmly in the hands of a wealthy elite. The response all across the country was to stop the movement before it had any chance to grow. In city after city police in riot gear were sent in to evict and arrest anyone who failed to disperse.

The protesters received an initial wave of support but a hostile news media and a culture conditioned to sound bite answers and remote control democracy were turned off by a movement that offered no easy to digest plan and demanded active participation. Now as we enter winter the movement has been for the most part been swept off the street and now seems to be organizing to come up with a new strategy for next years upcoming election. Important because it seems as if both parties who can't agree on much seem united to increase the power of government over people while reducing the rights of individuals.

This is nothing new but an ominous and growing campaign that began in the early 1970's. The civil rights movement and the anti war movement scared the powers that be and what began as an issue for the far right has spread and taken over both major political parties. It has gotten to the point where a lot of the positions taken by the “liberal” president Democrat Obama are to the right of “conservative” Reagan. The two parties collude to limit the scope of the debate about issues and work to suppress candidates who don't want to follow the script.

Today we present three stories ripped from this weeks headlines that show how far to the right the government is moving.

First story comes from The Gaurdian UK seems to have escaped the American media.

NAACP warns black and Hispanic Americans could lose right to vote

Civil rights group petitions UN over 'massive voter suppression' after apparent effort to disenfranchise black and Hispanic people

Ed Pilkington in New York, Monday 5 December 2011 22.34 GMT

The largest civil rights group in America, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), is petitioning the UN over what it sees as a concerted effort to disenfranchise black and Latino voters ahead of next year's presidential election.
The organization will this week present evidence to the UN high commissioner on human rights of what it contends is a conscious attempt to "block the vote" on the part of state legislatures across the US. Next March the NAACP will send a delegation of legal experts to Geneva to enlist the support of the UN human rights council.
The NAACP contends that the America in the throes of a consciously conceived and orchestrated move to strip black and other ethnic minority groups of the right to vote. William Barber, a member of the association's national board, said it was the "most vicious, coordinated and sinister attack to narrow participation in our democracy since the early 20th century".

You say the Senate can't agree on anything? Wrong from BuzzFlash comes this outraged story.

US Military Can Now Arrest You and Hold You Indefinitely Without Trial Senate Says


"November 29th 2011, the Senate voted on a bill that allows the US military to imprison civilians with no formal charges and hold them indefinitely with no trial.
The ACLU reports even US citizens wouldn't be immune as the legislation aims to declare national territory part of the "battlefield" in the War on Terror. You can read more about the NDAA provision here.
What it means: It's shocking to learn that the majority of representatives and senators have replaced our civil liberties with a de facto military dictatorship while no one is watching. How is the Levin-McCain provision different from Patriot Act laws? If an American citizen is seen as a threat to the government, that citizen will be denied his/her constitutional rights of protection, as Justin Raimondo at correctly explained: "The provision would give the President the power to use the military to intern anyone - including American citizens - indefinitely, and hold them without charges or trial, anywhere in the world, including on American soil. The provision repeals the longstanding Posse Comitatus Act, which prevents the military from engaging in law enforcement on US territory - the greatest fear of the Founders."
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was supposed to be kept secret, drafted behind closed doors by Senators Carl Levin (D-Mich) and John McCain (R-Ariz). When a bill is supposed to be kept secret from the public, it usually means that it's against the public's interests.
"The White House has threatened to veto the legislation because of language that mandates military custody of terror suspects, but Wednesday's 88-12 cloture vote signals that the bill - which could pass as early as Thursday - will likely have the detainee provisions included in the chamber's final legislation." Unfortunately, the administration's veto threat has nothing to do with protecting civil liberties; their real objection is that it can create confusion between Homeland Security agencies and the F.B.I."

And if your going to give the government to wage a new war against it's own citizens where are you going to put all the new prisoners since the prisons are already full of victims of the drug war? Well there's the hundreds of internment camps that have been set up all across the country. This has been a story that has been around ever since the Patriot Act became law. One that has been very active in the past few weeks because of the previous story.

This story come from the Public Intelligence blog

Internment Camps for Isolating Unemployed in Federal “Work Camps”?

Al Martin, former Navy intelligence officer and former Wall Street broker, former Iran-contra co-conspirator with Ollie’s Follies, is starting to write about the possible use of the many civil unrest internment camps built in the US by Halliburton and related contractors. In his view, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), makes it possible for expanded use of the US military and expanded powers for law enforcement to “contain” the unemployed in work camps–which might be a good thing, in his view. [The bill passed the Senate but has not passed the House at this time.]
To read the entire post click here.

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Salome, Avant Garde 1923 Film Version of Oscar Wilde Play

Uploaded by MindsiMedia on Dec 7, 2011

A big budget (over $300,000) avant garde film version of the Oscar Wilde play that bombed so big it ruined the careers of director Charles Bryant and Producer/Star Alla Nazimova. The staging was created to match the illustrations done by Aubrey Beardsley in the printed edition of Wilde's play. It is also rumored that this art film was cast exclusively with gay or bisexual actors as an homeage to Wilde.

Presented by MindsiMedia. We are an Internet broadcaster located in Forest Park Il. with a series of YouTube channels covering a variety of topics.
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Blue February w/ Poetry by David Carter Scott
Originaly known as “February In B&W and Color” which was more accurate but lacked the sound of “Blue February”. Which was the names of the two photos that were the source for the variations which became the video. Anyway you don't really care about the title and why should you? It looks and sounds pretty cool in the end.

Another in our series of slideshows from vintage Polaroid SX-70 photos. These two pictures were taken in Chicago on one of those foggy February days. The kind of day where it's about 40 (F) and a lot of snow is melting so it gets very foggy.

Then when Grand was preparing the soundscape he came across a reading of “Winter Tale” by David Carter Scott on FreeSoundProject and it fit perfectly in feel and length.

As part of a general house cleaning I have been scanning up my old pictures, archiving the images and kind of playing around with them. We have assembled some other slideshows that we've posted here on 1Grand21 and you can visit our newly remodeled Photo Noir gallery on our web portal.

David Carter Scott cutup poetry Polaroid SX-70 photography winter nature slideshow Grand

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Los Angeles Occupation Update, Hundreds Held For Days w/ High Bond

Offering an update from The Brad Blog:
By Ernest A. Canning on 12/2/2011 1:39pm
“According to new interviews with some of the arrestees following their release, men and women alike were held without charges for hours on end, forced to urinate in their seats on a holding bus while handcuffed, cut off from attorneys, medical supplies and drinking water, and locked away with punitively high bails while being deprived of both humane and Constitutional rights.
At this hour, almost three full days since their arrest at the OccupyLA encampment in front of Los Angeles City Hall, more than 200 of the peaceful demonstrators detained by LAPD in the evening on Tuesday and early morning hours on Wednesday — many of them who were not even participating in the Occupation — are still being held in jail pending $5,000 bail for their misdemeanor detentions, as detailed by radio station KPCC. Approximately fifty people have been released, some after posting bail, others for medical reasons.”
To read the entire post click here.
And a first person account from YouTube:
Uploaded by on Dec 3, 2011
While rallying outside LA City Hall, Omar Gonzalez shares his story of how he was put in jail on November 30 during the raid at Occupy LA.

An Occupation Suggestion, From a part time occupier/supporter

I live in the Chicago area and have been to Chicago’s occupation a couple of dozen times. I was there on the third day in the rain with about a dozen people and again when thousands of people took over the streets and surrounded the Board of Trade Building. I’ve uploaded videos, posted stories to helped to spread the word.
Lately it seems as the occupiers are dissipating their energies by pursuing a strategy they cannot win at. Governments have decided that they just aren’t going to allow long term occupation of public space to happen. If for no other more sinister reason it’s an ongoing expense that takes resources away from other areas. And on our side the organizing it takes to keep the street occupation going drains resources that could be better spent organizing a larger community.

So here is my proposal and a reminder why this thing that has happened is so important.

How about instead of trying to occupy space 24/7 we picked a day of the week and occupied it for a day during which we could gather to discuss ideas, listen to proposals, attend teach ins and hold a general assembly. It would still send a powerful message and be a good way to demonstrate and organize.
As we have seen in the brief history of occupy is that there are a lot of people and organizations already out there who are already fighting corporate domination and for the rights of people. It was very exciting this fall as on three or four occasions thousands of people came out and were marching in the streets at occupy inspired events. I haven’t seen that much activity in decades. But then a lot of these people who would come for rallies and marches never came out in big numbers on the corner or at GA’s. These general assemblies could offer a great way of organizing what is right now a very fractured community.
And we in America need to set aside our differences and come together in a very public way just like they are in countries all over the globe. Because people across the world in the past year have come to the same conclusions that the occupiers have. That it’s time for direct action time to come together and raise your voice. They have risen up against governments that are corrupt puppets of the wealthy elite. The same thing happening here in America has happened / is happening in Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, India and many others all everyone fighting the same fight.
Right now in America a small but very wealthy and well organized minority control the country. And through their control of the political parties and the media suppress any attempts to challenge their policies. They have taken a wealthy nation, broken it and made themselves rich doing so. What began with the “Reagan revolution” as an effort to get the government off the backs of people has progressed through Democratic and Republican administrations as getting government off the backs of the corporations and putting the boot firmly on the backs of the people.
We see that time and again as polls everywhere say the majority of Americans want Wall St. reform we get lip service then more of the same. Most Americans wanted healthcare reform that included a public option we got another bailout masquerading as reform. If neither case is there any real prolonged debate over the fundamental issues, or critical public airing of the varying proposals. .
Government has fundamental problems that aren’t being addressed because the two parties are dominated by politicians that have been bought out. It has gotten to the point where five people sitting on the Supreme Court were able to declare that corporations are people and money is speech. The President and Congress for the most part pretended like nothing happened. And it has been a citizens movement that is leading the fight to change the constitution and rectify this judicial injustice. In Washington they are to busy arranging the next round of tax cuts, tax breaks, service cuts and broken promises.
The parties blame each other as they both abandon the people who they are supposed to serve. The Democrats and Republicans have come together to facilitate the looting of a nation and have kept us apart and taught us to hate and fear one another. That is why we have to continue organize and come together together on a plan to shift the balance of power away from those who have all the money. The occupation is about people being involved not party politics. It’s about creating a force to represent the interests of the people and challenge the power of the wealthy elites.
That was the original point of government to provide a counter force to wealth and privilege. Before we had modern representative “democracy” we had Kings & Queens. People grew tired of the wealthy having all the power and the majority of people having to live under divinely inspired rulers who controlled everything because they owned everything and everyone. People were forced to live in ignorance and fear because that made them easier to exploit. The American revolution wasn’t about throwing off the cultural ties with England but more about ending the economic control of the East India Trading Company a corporate entity designed to make sure the wealth of the colonies got back to England.
So lets remember these words and join in as people all across the country fight to put these principals in action.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. “

And that is why the occupation must continue because we are fighting the fight that names like Washington, Jefferson and Adams fought for the same reasons. Because everyday we see another example of our government being destructive towards those ends. All the way from the Federal government that cuts aid to the sick and poor while increasing tax breaks for the wealthy to the local cop shutting down a kids lemonade stand.
You can be one of the Wall St. elite and participate in a fraud that causes the loss of trillions of dollars and you get a job in the White House to fix the mess you helped make. Or you can be a young man who serves his country. Spend years overseas on a fools errand in a hostile environment. Survive that only to come home to get shot in the face with a rubber bullet because you decided to peacefully stand on public property until the government starts representing the interests of people like him instead of the interests of their wealthy backers.

That is why this movement must go on.
But the time has come to, at least for for the winter, to stop trying to occupy space. Stop fighting a battle we can’t win and concentrate on winning the wider “war”. We need to spend our winter at Valley Forge planning and preparing for next year. Because if this movement has any chance to change the direction that this country is on it is in the next year. Because if there is one trend we have seen in the 21st century is that no matter which party the government is committed to taking away our basic rights under the guise of protecting us from terrorism. And from the look at some of the policies the Obama administration is pursuing this election may be our last chance.
What I think we need to do is come up with a 3 to 5 step plan that would advance our ideas and goals and offer this up to the candidates in next years election. If they want our support then they have to pledge to the plan. But we need to find some way to come together and it is now clear that our current vehicle, the occupation isn’t going to be allowed by the powers that be.
Which brings me back to my original proposal we gather once a week to occupy, protest and plan.
What do you think?

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Devil In A Convent, Early Georges Melies Fantasy Film w/ New Soundtrack

Uploaded by on Dec 3, 2011
Devil In A Convent is an early (1899) short by pioneering film maker Georges Melies. In it the Devil appears in a convent and after a short masquerade as a priest he proceeds to wreak havoc until he is finally defeated by the forces of good. You can find out more about The Devil in a Convent here

Director Melies is considered the father of cinematography for his camera work and the creator of the first horror and sci fi films. A giant in the industry he was run out of the business by his rivals. He ends up selling toys in a Paris train station a portion of his life figures in the Martin Scorsese film Hugo.
Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.0

Theme Music: Unlight by Kevin MacLeod

Calico Wall I'm A Living Sickness, 60's Psych.Gem

Pretty awesome tune by a band I never heard of before.

Uploaded by on Sep 23, 2009
The Calico Wall's music and lyrics transcend their time of 1967 and defined the term "psychedelic" in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dick Walks Into The Wrong Party ! A Blogger Exclusive

Don't you just love it and hate it at the same time. I mean here's Dick doing his daily (and now nightly) duty working late. Busting his bal butt and doing the OT. And then he hears some noise and Dick does his diligent duty he goes to check it out. An walks in on these lovely ladies getting a little lathered up and shall we say hot under the collar.

Background music ;
"Spirited Away" is by Head-Phaze from the FreeSoundProject

as is the "Moan" by Red Passions Club

Vintage 1980's outsider art thought to be long destroyed recently unearthed that we will be posting over the next few weeks. The art work will soon be for sale at the MindsiMedia store on Etsy. We also regularly post objects d'art on CraigsList an updated list is posted here. We offer an array of odd and unusual items and all the proceeds support independent media.

Part of the work of Mike B multi media artist from Chicago's western suburbs. Singer for punk bands Raw Noize and Capt Zero & the Radioactive Lovers and guitarist for garage rock band The Atomic Fireballs. Creator of the "Elvis Shrine" at the original Val's Halla in Oak Park Il. Now creating the occasional soundscape under the name online nameGrand.

We have been operating MindsiMedia since 2007 when we started as a web site and YouTube station collecting neon sign videos. Since then things have expanded we have uploaded hundreds of videos mostly on YouTube and have expanded to different areas of the web world. There is a nice, diverse group of music stations on Pandora. We can also be found on WordPress, Facebook etc. is our web portal and the best way to explore our world.

I don't know why but I keep thinking about Dr. John you know right place wrong time, right place right time something like that.

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Back After A Thanksgiving Break w/ "One Night In Gary"

From: 1Grand21  | Nov 25, 2011  | 7 views
I saw this great Alan Ladd 1940's film noir called "Appointment With Danger". It's got Jack Webb & Harry Morgan has hard core gangsters. In it Ladd is a postal cop chasing the bad guys throughout northern Indiana and is highly entertaining.

In this fine feature film is a great shot in a seedy hotel room with the blazing b&w neon sign. We have taken part of it processed it up a bit and added some sound stylings via the Zube Tube.

Those wishing to view this cinematic gem need only follow this link.