Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mikes Midnight Movies Presents "Naked Kiss"

 I am a big movie fan the Saturday afternoon double feature, old movies on late night tv and now being able to watch any movie you want when you want here online. So you can guess among our hundreds of uploaded clips MindsiMedia has reposted a number of great odd cult  films with a decidedly dark point of view. There are classics like "5 Minutes To Midnight" starring Johnny Cash as a machinegun totting hood. A 1950's British tv version of 1984 w/ Peter Cushing in the lead, "Baby Love" a British sex drenched 60's movie. Just to show we're not completely depraved there is a great old version of Dickens classic "Christmas Carol". So pop some corn, get something cold to drink and be ready to be entertained and amused. This link will take you to our playlist.Or check out this personal favorite a real heartwarming movie called

Naked Kiss pt. 1, Film Noir w/ Hookers, Crippled Kids & More!


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