Monday, November 21, 2011

Internet Censorship Bill Alert!!! A Million Have Spoken, Add Your Voice

 We have just received an update from Demand Progress one of the leading forces in the fight against the  latest Internet censorship bill working it’s way through Congress.  I thought I would pass it along.

Last week was amazing.  More than 1,000,000 people spoke out against Internet censorship.
But the threat still looms large: We hear that there could be a vote in the Senate right after Thanksgiving.

Check out this message he just recorded for Demand Progress members:
Wyden says he’ll even filibuster the legislation if he needs to.  Sometimes filibusters last hours — or days — leaving Senators reading out of the dictionary or cookbooks to pass the time.  But we’ve got a much better idea:
What better way to demonstrate our strength than to ask Senator Wyden to read our names into the record during his filibuster?  He’s agreed to read censorship opponents’ names from the floor of the Senate, and to try to enter the rest into the Congressional Record.
Have a great holiday — and rest up so we can press forward hard next week.
-The Demand Progress team
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Now if you want to take the next step write your congressman:

And for another look at this issue check out this clip from

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