Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crazy Christmas Lights / Winter Solistice, A SX-70 / Audio Remix

Since the beginning of MindsiMedia we have done videos using soundscapes created by Grand who can be a bit reclusive.  Anyway early 2010 we started a station just for our Grand Productions. Uploaded a video and he disappeared for the most part. He recently reappeared and is ready to roll. So this is the second upload to .
Back in the 1970′s & 80′s I took a lot of Polaroid SX-70 instant photos. A lot of them never survived but I still have hundreds. I have posted a few videos using them and this is another in that series. It started out as a Polaroid photo taken of an outdoor Christmas display. The camera was moved as the picture was taken giving the lights that looping look. Then the other images are Photoshop manipulations a step by step transformation of the original image.
The little musical bit was whipped out by Grand who is becoming more engaged these days. We look forward to an active 2012 on this station.

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