Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vintage Las Vegas; Memories, Post Cards, Tokens, Video and One Cool Web Site

As a aficionado of neon signs Las Vegas is like going to Mecca and it's a pilgrimage I've made a three times. Along the way I've accumulated a number of trinkets photos, post cards and a few gambling tokens. In my ongoing efforts to downsize my stuff I started putting some of my Vegas stuff up oneBay.

Today I am sharing a few of the items along with some memories and some odds and ends. First up is this Polaroid photo I call “Full Moon On Fremont St.” because there high over the Fremont unexperience and it's blazing neon you can see yellow orb in all it's glory. It was taken on my wedding night. My wife and I were married at midnight on Valentines Day in Las Vegas. Originally I wanted to be married by an Elvis impersonator which never happened but we did do the deed at the Silver Bells chapel. To put the icing on the cake that night we were watching Crime Story before the ceremony and got to see fellow Chicagoan Dennis Farina slap some hood around in the parking lot of the Bells.

Talk about a double omen well it lasted for nineteen years and produced two great kids but as that classic song “Wedding Vows In Vegas” sung by Frank Sinatra Jr goes they don't last forever.

Here's a little sample of some of the cards & tokens they will be available for the next few days.

Both the Boulder & Vegas Clubs can be seen in this short color film of Fremont St. from 1939. Which has got to be the oldest color footage out there.

This clip was in a post I did last year that also had some cool vintage footage from Reno. If you'd like to check that out click here.

Finally in my research into old Vegas I came across an extremly cool web site that is chock full of outstanding photos & video of vintage Las Vegas called In it's well worth a look.!

That's all for now oops I almost forgot the gallery of Vegas photos I've taken in my various trips to the promised land check them out here on the MindsiMedia web portal. Do it now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Two Oldest Gangster Films?

This summer ChiTownView is working on longer more professionaly produced original productions. In the interim we are uploading some older clips from stations we are closing or have been closed. Kind of like a summer vacation complete with reruns.

We are also posting public domain clips we've come across that strike our fancy. Last week I was researching the Italian Black Hand gangs of the early 20th century in preperation for an extended clip about the Taylor street area and it's pivitol place in Chicago crime history. In this poking around I came across a couple of films that are the first two “gangster” movies ever produced. While neither are Chicago related we do have a soft spot for New York where they are centered so we have uploaded these two gems.

The Black Hand, The 1st Gangster Film (1906)

The Black Hand were unaffiliated gangs of Italian criminals who preyed upon other newly arrived countrymen. They extorted money from successful immigrants by the use of kidnapping, murder and other forms of violence. They operated from New York to San Francisco in just about any city with a large Italian community.
Their heyday was between 1900-1920 when they shook down ordinary folks as well as the famous and the powerful. Opera great Enrico Caruso was victimized several times until he finally went to the police. In Chicago they went after “Big Jim” Colosimo the cities most connected mobster. His response was to import Johnny Torrio from New York who quickly ended that threat with an infamous triple murder. A story we told in a previous clip here's a link to it.
This film, from 1906, is the worlds first gangster and was lensed by Billy Bitzer who went on their to work with D.W. Griffith silent films most renowned director. For those who want to read more about the history of the New York Black Hands should check out this link. I found this film on and repost their extensive description here:
“"The Black Hand", True Story of a Recent Occurrence in the Italian Quarter of New York, is a short crime drama featuring cinematographer Billy Bitzer, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

A gang by the name of Black Hand demands a big amount of money from a local businessman.  If the demands are not met it threatens his daughter. Then the gang kidnaps the girl anyway and sends one of its members to collect the ransom.

Directed by Wallace McCutcheon
Cinematography by Billy Bitzer
Starring Robert Vignola, Anthony O’Sullivan (gangsters)
Distributed by the Biograph Company
Release date March 29, 1906

The Musketeers of Pig Alley, Early D.W. Griffith / Gangster Film
We continue our exploration of early gangster films with this classic movie. It is referred to in many places as the first gangster film even by the Silent Hall of Fame. Which is odd since they have also brought back a 1906 film called The Black Hand which were extortion gangs that preyed on Italian immigrants in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. Below is the decription from where I downloaded from.

"The Musketeers of Pig Alley" is a short crime drama directed by D. W. Griffith. This film illustrates the work of actor Robert Harron and cinematographer Billy Bitzer, stars of Silent Hall of Fame.
"The Musketeers of Pig Alley" is the first gangster film in history. It has some excellent acting by a very strong cast and a lot of suspense. The film is also a predecessor of what would become known a quarter of a century later as "the film noir".
Lillian Gish plays The Little Lady, whose husband is a musician and has to leave town for work.  In his absence she has to rebuff the advances of a cocky character by the nickname of Snapper Kid (Elmer Booth), the gang leader of the Musketeers.
When her sick mother dies The Little Lady becomes grief-stricken. One day she is visited by a friend who takes her to a dance party to raise her spirits. The Little Lady is invited for a drink by some fellow, who puts a drug in her glass, but she is saved by Snapper Kid. As it turns out, the other guy is the rival gang's leader. The two bosses square off, but decide to settle the dispute outside.
Suspense builds up as the two rival gangs chase each other around Pig Alley. Will there be a winner, or will all perish or go to jail?

Directed by D.W. Griffith
Produced by the Biograph Company
Cinematography Billy Bitzer
Starring Elmer Booth, Lillian Gish, Robert Harron
Release date October 31, 1912

Copyright information for both films.
Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.0

You can see a slideshow of stills from this both these films and other interesting stuff on the website The Silent Hall of Fame is the only place actively working to bring back from oblivion the names and legacy of formerly illustrious silent movie stars, which have made a major contribution to the industry and the world but do not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

They also fight for your right, the right of the public, to see silent masterpieces that have been kept in hidden vaults for far too long. Our website streams for free one such masterpiece that has not been seen in 85 years and is not available anywhere else.

Please visit their website to watch quality silent films absolutely free and to support the legacy of silent movie stars with your tax deductible contribution.

Silent Hall of Fame has started an online campaign to begin raising funds for the nomination of our first star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All contributions are tax deductible. Here is the web page:
Please spread the word about the campaign and Silent Hall of Fame and help your favorite silent star receive belated recognition and glory.

Silent Hall of Fame, a nonprofit organization
Preserving the legacy of silent movie stars

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Chicago In 1933; Century Of Progress Expo, A Man Makes Music w/ Hand Farts & More

Chicago in 1933 was a happening place. We have covered the splash made by burlesque dancer Sally Rand at the Century of Progress World's Fair. In today's post we take a closer look at the fair as well as some other notable or odd events that took place during that year.

Chicago's 1893 Columbia Exposition set a high standard for world's fairs. Forty years later in 1933 Chicago threw another party this time celebrating the city's centennial. The Century of Progress was another spectacular with exhibits from all over the world.Among the exhibits shown in this clip are the Skyride, Golden Pavilion of Jehol and the dinosaurs of the Sinclair Exhibit.

Farmer Plays "Yankee Doodle Dandy" With Hand Farts 

Cecil H. Dill is the name of this uniquely talented individual. Hailing from Traverse City, Mi. Here he travels to the windy city to demonstrate his ability to render popular melodies by pressing his hands together. Dill also modestly tells how he discovered his unusual skill.

Throngs Greet Italian Fascist Air Armada

This clip combines two Universal newsreels that track the progress and arrival of an Italian armada of 24 Savoia Marchetti S. 55 seaplanes as it flies from Italy to Chicago. The flight was a goodwill mission / publicity stunt and part of the 1933 Century of Progress Worlds Fair. It was a historic flight commanded by General Italo Balbo who was the number two man in  Mussolini's Fascist government.

To see more looks at Chicago in 1933 check out ChiTownView on YouTube.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Encounter With Sheila Mack The Bali Suitcase Murder Victim

On the front page of the Sun Times I saw the picture of a battered & bloodstained suitcase that contained the body of Shelia Mack. It was someone I’d met and done some work for not long ago. She was apparently murdered and stuffed in the bag by her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend. It was a tragic end for two people who on the surface lived the kind of life that most people would kill to have. But not one I was really surprised to hear about despite the briefness of our encounter.

They lived in a gorgeous old mansion on the north side of Oak Park IL. Just around the corner from a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home. It was a house originally built for a bank president and among its unique features was a vault in the basement. When I met her Shelia was in the process of cleaning out her house and moving into the city. Her husband had passed away, the house needed a lot of repair work, and she felt that her and her daughter needed a change of scene.

Johnny Mack had been a music arranger / producer / composer with a large collection of old classical records and books. These are two areas that I have some background in which is why I was called in to help by a friend of a friend who had been hired to do the house sale(s). Shelia also had some furniture she wanted to sell on eBay which is another thing that I do. It was while I was photographing these elaborately carved wooden swings and gathering background on them that I had my brief encounters these two people.

My impression was that this was at one time a home a family shared many years ago. Though still reflecting intelligence and good taste it was now just a house filled with tension that two people lived in. Shelia was distraught and fearful over the direction her daughter Heather’s life had taken, her boyfriend / accomplice in particular. I met though never conversed with Heather but she seemed like an adolescent antisocial misfit who radiated hostility. I was one myself once so I know the signs. Shelia was in a hurry to sell the house and complete the move and get her daughter out of town.

A good plan but in the end she didn’t move far enough away. After a couple of visits to the house my work was done and not long afterwards I heard that Sheila had sold the house and was living in Chicago. The boyfriend issue was just a symptom of a deeper problem that haunted these two people. Just a few weeks after Heather was caught partying with new boyfriend Tommy and friends at a luxury hotel on Sheila’s credit card the pair left on a luxury vacation. Even though friends warned not to take her with.

But the trouble just followed them to the St. Regis on the island paradise of Bali. Two days after mother and daughter arrived Tommy turned up. Apparently a fight erupted over who was going to pay for the additional hotel room. It was a fight that ended in murder. They stuffed the body into a suitcase then left it with a taxi driver. Ditched the driver and then checked into another hotel where they partied on the dead woman’s credit card.

For more on the gory details of this crime follow this link.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Chicago Neon Tour Continues w/ A Side Trip

The Chicago neon tour rolled through the near western suburbs last week. On a most pleasant evening we make stops in Hillside and Elmhurst. Our lens also made a detour to New York City that included a trip back in time. Here is the itinerary.

Q’s Pizza, Hillside:
Q's Pizzeria is an old school Italian eatery located somewhat off the beaten path in Hillside Il. This hidden gem has been satisfying appetites for more than a half century. You can find it on Butterfield Rd. just west of Wolf. I was glad to see this vintage sign still functioning on our recent trip out shoot it. Although I was sorry the insert sign just below “pizza” was gone. It said "Dinner" and underneath "Wine Draft Beer”.

The York Theater, Elmhurst:

The York Theater in downtown Elmhurst was built in 1924 opening on Labor Day of that year. It was designed by noted theatre architect Elmer Behrns and featuring a Spanish motif. In 1938 the theater underwent a major remodeling switching to it's current art deco look. The sign is not the original but still looks mighty nice. On the second floor you will find the museum and archives of the Theatre Historical Society of America.

The York is now part of a local chain of theaters called Classic Cinema's. You can find out more about them and the York by following the link above.

New York City

Some short clips of various vintage New York City neon signs. We have the Bonds / International Casino building with it's Wrigley Gum animated neon sign classic. Also from Times Square the Planters Peanut sign both these clips are from the 1930's. The Porgy & Bess sign dates from the 1940's. Finally the Newport / New York sign is from the 1980's.

The soundscape was constructed from elements downloaded from Their attributions are below.
inspiration-xc   Stand clear of the closing doors please3
MindsiMedia is my Chicago based Internet broadcasting service that has been up since 2007. We began as a web site to house some of my neon sign photographs. I think that the neon sign is one of mankind's most beautiful creations.

We have more neon videos and photos for your viewing enjoyment. On ChiTownView "The Chicago Neon Tour" playlist can be found here.
We also have a gallery of neon photography at this link..
And we have lots of neon photos posted on our Flickr photostream.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Strippers Delight, Vintage Stag Films; Blaze Star, Bettie Page, Irving Klaw & More

MindsiMedia has been on You Tube for seven years and have had dozens of stations. Most of which are now defunkt. Among our collection we had our “sinema” SilkSpot which started as a project for a nightclub that didn't work out. The channel featured vintage skin flicks short clips of burlesque dancers, strippers and other women taking (most) of their clothes off. Sex gets peoples interest so even though the nightclub deal didn't work out the station has proved too popular to just kill. It was up for about three years before being terminated for repeated community standard violations.

On our web portal we have started  the “Too Hot For You Tube” page featuring many of the clips from this departed station. You will find that page here

 Relight My Fire

First we have  this clip of  burlesque queen Blaze Star. I didnt really like the soundtrack  so went to the InternetArchive to see find that would work better. There I came across the music of the Per Olund Band & MCVulcano and I found two songs that worked just fine. Then I had a little more music than video so what started out a vouyeristic view of Ms. Starrs bedtime routine turns into something more. The clip is long at seven minutes but those that don't stay for the last three minutes will be missing a climax that includes real atomic fireworks.
The Blaze Starr video is available here;
The music includes two tracks from Chaos - Per Olund Band & MCVulcano
The Pain Is Mine & Your Pain Is Mine
The Bomb blast from the FreeSoundProject by IFartInUrGeneralDirection (

Striphikers? 1940's Burlesque Film

Two comely young ladies are out for an afternoons ride out in the country when their car breaks down. They try to flag down a passing car at first by conventional methods. When that doesn't work they begin to peel off layers. STILL to no good effect.
Finally as the one wearing black removes her bra she manages to pull over a motorist. Only problem is it's a cop!
The soundtrack for this one I produced myself under the name Captain Zero & the Radioactive Lovers.

There's Bettie Page, Irving Klaw & more. So don’t forget to visit “Too Hot For YouTube” on the MindsiMedia web portal.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

ChiTownViews A New Series of Historic Chicago Postcards

ChiTownView is my YouTube station that offers little slices of Chicago history. ChiTownViews is the name of a new series of postcards that show and tell about events and people from the windy city’s colorful past. We have recently released the first collection of images on MindsiMedia which is our Zazzle store. The first group includes;

The Carter Harrison’s who were Chicago’s 1st father & son mayoral dynasties

See what Chicago looked like before the great fire on a previous blog post.
All that and more are found at MindsiMedia on Zazzle. Where in the next couple of months we will be expanding and offering hundreds of new items.

MindsiMedia is based in the Chicago area besides the new postcards and the afore mentioned YouTube video station. Our Flickr photostream and Shopify store 20th Century Retro are also places of interest to fans of the city on the shores of Lake Michigan. The best place to explore all that MindsiMedia has to offer is our web portal, stop by now.